Sparked by Disruption

Before the formation of Tahoe Inc., the Basin had few systemic supports for entrepreneurs or individuals wishing to start or grow their business. The pandemic, Caldor Fire, and dramatic shifts in the economy and the environment became a wake-up call.

Local business, government, education, community and tribal leaders united via an initiative, funded by the Tahoe Prosperity Center, called Envision Tahoe. A broad-based community engagement effort, Envision Tahoe sets the groundwork for a more resilient community, with diverse pathways to new career possibilities and avenues for workers to live locally and support their families.

Our Mission

An Economic "Playbook"

A committed group of volunteer entrepreneurs, Tahoe Inc. aims to re-connect innovators, nonprofits, business leaders, startups, and investors with monthly programming and peer-to-peer mentorship, events, and more.

An 80-page “playbook” of strategies to foster a stronger, more diversified economy for Tahoe, Envision Tahoe addresses critical barriers to economic resiliency, maintaining a resident workforce, and promoting an inclusive economy.  The formation of Tahoe Inc. is one of these strategies in the playbook.